Month: February 2022

2021: let’s summarize what happened

The beginning of the year is the time dedicated to assessments and resolutions, let’s take a look at LSTI’s activity in 2021.

A New Service Offer Added

A service has been added to our catalog:

PVID* company certification, the latest qualification set up by the ANSSI, the French agency for cybersecurity, for Remote Identity Verification Service Providers. We offer this service for our French customers but also international ones, believing that such certification can benefit any company worldwide.

*PVID: French Acronym for Prestataires de services de Vérification d’Identité à Distance, meaning Remote Identity Verification Service Providers.

New Members Joined Our Team

2021 was also marked by the strengthening of the LSTI team. In the French team, a full-time auditor has joined us, who works specifically on the PASSI qualification, but also a management assistant dedicated to company certifications. A new member has also joined us to manage the activity of LSTI Worldwide.
Despite the ongoing health crisis, the group has a constant and growing activity which makes it possible to hire additional people.

We are also always opened for partnerships, as partner training organizations (for French-speaking countries only) or partner auditors.

The LSTI Group Joined an International Group

The end of 2021 marked a turning point for LSTI: the group joined Apave, a French group specialized in professional risk management, with a global influence and market.

What does this actually change for our customers? Nothing. Our philosophy, our activity and our integrity remain unchanged.

And for our partners? It does not change anything either, because we are still dealing directly with them.

Being part of the Apave Group allows us to benefit from the support and reputation of a international company and with long-standing experience in the management of professional risks.

And for 2022?

This year trend is the PVID certification:

  • After the first customer requests last year, audits and qualifications are progressing;
  • The European counterpart to the ANSSI standard, the ETSI TS 119 461 standard, will contribute to the growing demand in Europe.

Check our social networks and our news section regularly not to miss any new feature happening in 2022!

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