LSTI has joined Apave

As the cybersecurity market in France, but also in Europe, is fast growing, 17 years after its founding, LSTI SAS strengthens its leading position by joining the Apave Group.

LSTI is a conformity assessment body (CAB) specializing in cybersecurity and data protection. Created in 2004, LSTI has developed a real expertise in information security assessment, and is recognized as one of the major CABs in Europe for the assessment of Trust Service Providers regarding the eIDAS regulation and the French ANSSI standards. Today, LSTI is joining the Apave Group to boost its growth and contribute to the development of the Group cyber offer.

The Apave cybersecurity platform offers standard and tailor-made approaches to help organisations control their digital risks, to test the vulnerability of their systems, to label or certify the quality of their protection, or to train their employees to anticipate and/or manage those risks.


About Apave
Apave is an French group specialized in risk management for more than 150 years, known globally. As an independent company with a €881M turnover in 2019, Apave currently has 12,400 employees, 130 agencies in France, 170 training sites throughout the globe, and 18 test centers. Apave is present internationally in more than 45 countries, with almost 500,000 trusting customers around the world.
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