Frequently Asked Questions

Terms of use for the registered brandmark LSTI

The terms of use of the LSTI registered brandmark and logo are available to download and read on this page. For any questions relating about the LSTI brand, how to use it and communicate it, please contact the communications unit using our contact form.


Where can I find my company’s certifications?

All registers are available on the Certified Customers page, simply select the desired register from the drop-down list, and fill in the “company” field with the company name under which your certificates are registered.

How to be removed from the search engine?

By simple request to the communication unit, using the contact form.

I am not in the search engine results.

The registers are regularly updated, if you have just obtained your certificate, your results page will be uploaded and / or updated soon.

How can I share my results page?

All you need to do is look for the name of your company in the relevant register (PASSI, TSP and/or ISO/IEC 27001), validate, then copy/paste the URL of the result page. You will have one result page per register. As a reminder, these results are for information only, they do not replace your certificates.

Where can I find my company’s attestation letter?

The attestation letters are available on the Certified Customers page. If you can’t find yours, send an email to your usual LSTI Worldwide contact, they will give you a feedback on your case status.

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