LSTI is a conformity assessment body in cybersecurity, established in 2004 in Saint-Malo, France, by Armelle Trotin. From her previous professional experience, Armelle Trotin identified there was a market in France, as there was no French conformity assessment body. Therefore, she surrounded herself with cybersecurity experts to found her company.

For 20 years, LSTI’s values remain the same: expertise, independence and modernity, to offer you high quality services.

As a pioneer in the French assessment market, and thanks to our customers’ trust, we opened an international subsidiary in 2016, LSTI Worldwide.

We are proud to contribute to the digital economy growth in France, but also in Europe and globally, and we do our best to fulfill our customers’ needs.

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About the LSTI Group nowadays:

  • 115 exam sessions in 2023
  • 190 customers
  • 1404 certified candidates since 2021
  • 40 partners
  • Working with companies in more than fifteen countries around the world
  • A catalogue composed of more than a dozen of company and individual assessment offers
  • The digitalization of our activities to respond to our customers’ demands, to be line with our digital era and to preserve our planet by suppressing as much as possible paper in our business.
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