IPSP certification: one year later

A year ago, we added the remote ID proofing provider qualification to our offers for companies « PVID », according to the standard created by the ANSSI, the French Cybersecurity Agency, and at the same time the certification according to the technical specification of ETSI TS 119 461 for Identity Proofing Service Provider (IPSP).

In Europe, being certified according the ETSI TS 119 461 standard enables a company to declare that the remote identity verification service provided is equivalent to being there in person in terms of reliability (article 24 1 d).

To offer a complete service (conformity assessment but also computer and physical tests of biometric effectiveness), LSTI is working in collaboration with STELAU and CLR Labs.

Focus on LSTI business since we added this new feature to our company service catalog:

  • On the French level

LSTI SAS and its partners STELAU and CLR Labs have carried out several PVID assessments. Qualification decisions should be published soon.

  • On the European level

LSTI Worldwide has also started conformity assessment to the ETSI 119 461 standard for several service providers in various European countries, some of which have legislated on the subject. The first ETSI 119 461 certificate was issued by LSTI in early July 2022.

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