The certification of persons or certification of skills consists of an assessment and a validation of the necessary skills for carrying out a professional activity, in accordance with a dedicated frame of reference. It is a sign of confidence that enables the recognition of credentials and experience. LSTI is an independent certification body that for more than 10 years has assisted people wishing to validate their skills in the field of information security, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO/CEI 17024 standard. With more than 6000 candidates having passed their exams, LSTI has become the international benchmark for the certification of people in the field of information security.

In order to obtain a certificate, one must:

  • attend training,
  • pass an exam,
  • request a grade.

Access to a grade results in the issuance of a certificate which undergoes surveillance after 18 months and a renewal after 3 years.

The process for certification of people is detailed in the rules which can be found in the Downloads section.

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